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Fireworks & Your Dog

As fun as fireworks can be for us humans, unfortunately, they are quite the opposite to most dogs. More dogs run away on July 4th than any other day of the year. Not only are fireworks loud and terrifying, but improperly disposed fireworks or large groups of people also pose a risk for dogs. Preparing: Make sure your pup has updated identification tags, in the event that they do run off. If your pet is micro-chipped, contact the vet to ensure your contact information is up to date. Ensure you have current, updated, clear photos of your pets. If you are leaving the house, bring your pets inside (even if you have a fenced in yard) in case neighbors set off fireworks close by, your dog may be able to jump higher than expected when frightened or be forced to find an emergency escape route. Even if you think your dog will be fine, losing your pet is not a risk worth taking. Safety: Even if you think your dog is "calm" around other unexpected loud activities, it's best