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20 Happiest Dog Breeds

Some dogs are more affectionate than others. Some pups practically tackle you to the ground when you walk through the door and want to lick your face until they can't lick anymore. Others prefer to keep their distance and express their love in more subtle ways. Similarly, dogs can have mood swings like humans can. But the happiest dog breeds have gained a reputation as the most consistently cheerful members of the household. Every dog can get stressed but generally, these are some easy going pups. Here are some of the dog breeds who have gained a reputation as a happy pup:

  • Labrador Retriever - Known for their friendliness, outgoing nature, and welcoming expression
  • Bichon Frise - Curious, cheerful, and quite charismatic. They are typically quite tolerant of attention (but also require frequent grooming)
  • Golden Retriever - They love to work and are very intelligent. They are eager to please their owners, enjoy treats and lots of affection
  • Italian Greyhound - For their small size, they can be very playful and affectionate. They are also alert, sensitive, and active
  • Beagle - Happy-go-lucky, merry, and friendly. They enjoy barking, are curious, and enjoy your company
  • Great Dane - Friendly, dependable, and patient. They are extremely strong but easy-going. They are huge, of course, so they require a lot of room and exercise.
  • Brussels Griffon - human-like expressions and cheerful intelligence, they have a very affectionate disposition. They love to perform tricks once trained and are curious and alert. 
  • Maltese - They can be agile competitors in games, fearless, stubborn, and determined watchdogs. They love to sit on laps and receive affection (also requires frequent grooming)
  • English Toy Spaniel - Known for its merry personality. Curious, cavorting, and alert. They tend to be stubborn when training but are generally easy going. 
  • Collie - Graceful and known for their ability to herd and protect. They are strong and fast dogs, also devoted and loyal to their owners. They are also very intelligent. (Requires frequent grooming)
  • Bearded Collie - Bouncy, friendly, charismatic, and smart. They can also be energetic and boisterous. 
  • Bedlington Terrier - Charming and fun-filled family members. Loyal to their owners and have a natural instinct for hunting.
  • American Staffordshire Terrier - Good-natured and confident. They enjoyed being challenged physically and mentally, because they are smart. They can be quite stubborn in a comical way. They respond well with patient training. 
  • Irish Setter - High-spirited antics. They enjoy playtime, fetching balls, and working days equally. Outgoing and friendly pets who need an active family
  • French Bulldog - Playful and affectionate breed. Loyal and smart, very good with children
  • Boston Terrier - Sweet and gentle nature and high intelligence. They are happiest when part of a family that adores them. Loyal and devoted companions.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Bred to be a companion, they have a sweet and gentle nature
  • Flat-Coated Retriever - Hunting dog that excels at waterfowl and game. Enthusiastic, cheerful, good-humored, and optimistic. 
  • Havanese - Playful and enjoy dexterity games - love to snuggle in laps. Gentle and peaceful dogs
  • Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen - Energetic and full of enjoyment for life. They enjoy being with children and other dogs because they are known to work together in packs. 


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